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Airport Parking Tips

Are you flying out of town for a while and can’t figure out where to park your car safely? Well, you do not have to worry about the safety of your car when heading out for vacation anymore. Airport parking services have improved over the years, and all you have to do is to be a little bit witty on your choices for you to get the best parking for your case and at the best price. Here are some few airport parking tips that will ease you into a stress-free experience;

Select The Right Option For You.

It may be overwhelming to try and understand the numerous parking terms you will see on the internet. The first step to saving some money on airport parking is picking a suitable one that won’t make you pay too much for anything. One of the types of airport parking you will come across is the park and ride kind of parking. In this type, you simply park the car and get a complimentary shuttle to the airport. These parking spaces are located a little bit further from the airport and can save you lots of money.

Onsite parking gives you the advantage of being close to the airport. They are run by the airport authorities and can be more expensive. The distance between the space and the terminal is less and you can simply walk from the area to the check-in point.

Meet and greet kind of parking is the one where you meet a valet driver at the terminal. They will go ahead and assist you to unload your luggage before taking your car to a secure car park. When you get back from your travels, they will wait for you outside the terminal and give you the car. This method of parking is perfect for people with mobility issues as it is very convenient. Keep in mind that it may be very costly.

With the common options of parking explained, it is vital to select the one which suits you perfectly with each one of them having its advantages and disadvantages.

Book Early

Airport parking rates are always seen to vary with the demand, and it is advisable to book early and take advantage of the best deals. If you are already set on travelling on a particular date, book a suitable parking space for you in advance. It is also essential to check on the flexibility of the booking to make sure that you can change the schedules in case the flights are delayed.


If you opt to park your car on the airport managed parking, you have the advantage of safety and assured security. However, you should do some digging when parking with third party companies as not all of them may guarantee the safety of your car. Check out what the previous customers had to say about that particular parking provider and see if there are any complaints. The last thing you want is coming from your vacation ready to head back to work only to find that your car is missing some parts.

It is vital to analyze your options thoroughly if you are to get the best deal. Airport parking is growing competitive, and you can easily find secure parking for a great price if you do your homework well. If you are in Australia and wish to travel, make a point of checking out Andrew’s Airport Parking for secure and affordable parking spaces.